The History of the Weteringschans 69 and MINA

Gallery Krikhaar

In 1963, Herman Krikhaar opened one of the first galleries in Amsterdam on the Weteringschans 69.

At the age of 25, Krikhaar and his artist friends from the avant-garde movement, CoBrA, organised several exhibitions and opening shows of their work. Within a year, Gallery Krikhaar became a well known art gallery and the focal point of the CoBrA movement in the early 60s in Amsterdam.


The CoBrA movement was an experimental group of Dutch, Belgian and Danish artists that collectively expressed themselves trough anti-intellectual, anti-style and spontaneous art. After the Second World War the group tried to break away from the existing art movements in order to write their own rules within the art scene.

Est. 2018

In January 2018 we were asked to design a new concept for the gallery on the Weteringschans 69, now called MINA. 

In order to create a new concept, we explored the gallery scene in Amsterdam from the 19th century until 2018 and the history of the Weteringschans 69. After this analysis we started to ask ourselves how this gallery, MINA, could manifest itself within the gallery scene in Amsterdam and how it could speak towards our own generation, Generation Y. 


Collectivism, Anti-Style, Experimental, Spontaneous and Anti-Intellectual. The core values on which Art Room MINA lives by while creating different projects. MINA’s projects represent Amsterdam’s young art culture and revolves around a wide range of different topics.


Since opening in September 2018 we have had some incredible team members.  The original trio; Romina Boers, Mira Koenders and Rosa Cherim created a project space and platform for young artists and creatives of Amsterdam. The foundations placed by the original team are still followed today.

MINA will collaborate with anyone who has the urge to creatively express themselves in any form of art.

Interested? Contact us here:

Romina Boers


Tom Woodroffe

Gallery Director

Melia Snodgrass

assistant director