Amsterdam Pride X MINA

In collaboration with

Pablo Burgos Garcia - Simone Schuffelen - Anke Huntjens - Bert Snaterse - Snare - Underbelly

In light of Amsterdam Pride, MINA presents a month full of performances, art, music and more in collaboration with Pride Amsterdam.

Opening: July 18th at 7:30 PM

Amsterdam Pride Guest Artist: Pablo Burgos Garcia – exhibiting in our café.
Dusk Collective – exhibiting in our creative basement.
featuring artists: Simone Schuffelen, Anke Huntjens and Bert Snaterse
On July 20th SNARE  will be hosting an evening full of performances, drag shows and funky music!
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Shimmer, shade, terrible, ugly, touching, intelligent wolf or human.

Big parties and extravagant night scenes.

A part of the decor, a good stunt, a fire rocket inside, a conversation on the couch, a falling feather of a boa, a sticky ass cheek, a plastic knee length boot, a warm bath, a gum in my hair, a flashing bar lamp, a dip on the stage, a large club of friends, a glamorous wheel of fortune, a love affair on the toilet, three Marlyn Monroes, a balcony above a swirling crowd, a number of birthdays, a group of hip shop staff, a glass of half-full, a flame in the attic , a Miss You song.

Performances by:
Danilo Silvano Fernandes
DJ Lady Louise
Eleye Fontain
Ed Gleb
Johanna Birdain

Join us for this special exhibition full of performances, drinks, lovely people and the celebration of the LOVE we share in AMS!

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