Paintbrush Tool (B)

In collaboration with

Caio Vita & Youbin Kim

Paintbrush Tool (B). A digital paintbrush tool for the digital artist. This tool is used in several digital creative platforms such as Adobe Creative Cloud. In the past decade this digital painting brush has become just as important as the actual wooden painting brush. A tool used by not only the actual painter, but by a wide range of artists other than the actual painter. A tool that has become the symbol of the digitalisation of the art world and the artist itself.

How do young artists adapt to this fast growing digital world of art? How does the digital artist, designer or creative use the digital paintbrush anno 2018?

In this upcoming exhibition, two young and talented 3D artists, Caio Vita and Youbin Kim, show us how they use the digital painting brush, Paintbrush Tool (B), in new and inventive ways.

Come join us during our festive opening night on Dec 6th!

Caio Vita – Archetypes

Caio Vita is a Brazilian Interdisciplinary Designer and Visual Artist based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
He strives to make his work human and technological as well as raw and fragile, or, more precisely: as inconsistent as humans can be.


According to Carl Jung: a universal pattern of thought, present in an individual’s unconscious, inherited from the past collective experience of humanity.
Archetypes is a project initiated by Caio Vita (BR) and Nina Michailidou (GR), where they use “The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images” as a starting point for a visual exploration of symbols and their meanings. Based on the concepts presented in the book they aim to design each day a new poster to represent a symbol in relation to the current visual culture. As they come from two distinct backgrounds, this collaboration serve as a study on how different cultures have their own interpretations and meanings for an equivalent symbol. Besides that, Nina and Caio sees it as a valuable process for the development of their own design practices and visual language, using the poster as a medium for experimentation.

Instagram: @vitacaio

Youbin Kim – DO I KNOW ME?

Is a South Korean designer, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is currently studying fashion & design at the AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute). Aside from fashion design she also works within the fields of graphic design, painting, photography, illustration & 3D mapping.

As a fashion designer, Youbin Kim breaks away from the conventional fashion representation.  Through digital 3D mapping with 4D graphic animation she tries to discover new ways to present fashion in the digital age.

DO I KNOW ME? discusses the future of the fashion industry within a fast growing digital world of art and design. With her futuristic designs and moving 3D images, Youbin opens the discussion about the future of the fashion industry. How can young designers adapt to this digital transformation of the fashion industry without loosing their non-digital-emotional-selves in their designs?

Youbin’s 4D animations are in collaboration with visual artist Eva Verhoef

Instagram: @y.kim213


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