Moonlight Tryst

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Frederique Jonker - Afra Eisma - Kubilay Mert Ural - Anan Striker

Art Room MINA is proud to present the group show:


Featuring works by Frederique Jonker, Afra Eisma, Kubilay Mert Ural and Anan Striker.


Anan Striker

painter, sculptor, typographer, visual poet and tape jockey

Fascinated by daily life, Anan draws inspiration from everyday life: sports, music, typography, love and art. He does not limit himself to one subject, but combines it all: an event in life, an unexpected encounter, some “news” that passes him, a victory of Ajax or an object that Anan appropriates. Anan intuitively translates them into drawings, sculptures and paintings. With an eye for detail, while not losing sight of the big gesture. In this way Anan makes poetic, alienating adaptations of reality.

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Frederique Jonker

Paleolithic cave art was made by customized painting techniques, one of which is the use of the mouth as a compressor to spray paint against the hand which makes a silhouette appear on a wall: the predecessor of aerosol. The long history of painting since leaves painters exceedingly little space to find a personal application of existing methods in order to find a truly personal visual language. The use and manipulation of spray paint in the work of Frederique Jonker should therefore not be taken lightly. As it is applied, scraped and reapplied in several layers to the canvas, semi-translucent layers form a 3-dimensional trompe l’oeil of delicately formed spaces. Balancing harmony and energy, the movements within the painting can all be traced back to the body of the painter; large, fluid gestures reveal the rhythmic flow, simultaneously a dance and a trance, which in turn reveal the state-of-mind with which these paintings have made. The physical, mental, tonal and musical harmony and/or accelerations on the canvas embody Jonker’s personal odyssey, which the viewer can follow in reverse order by letting the eye trickle down each layer of paint, starting from the surface.

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Afra Eisma

I create energetic autobiographical worlds with craft techniques that I apply in novel ways. My process is excessive, manual and rhizomatic. In my work I express personal stories about my friends and myself. This results in immersive and intimate installations of textiles, sculptures and ceramics, with a high intensity of colour, texture and tactility. I hope to share the energy I put into making the work to my visitors. One can distinguish tapestries, viewing boxes, ceramic caves and metal figures carrying ceramic ramen bowls. They all interconnect and form one piece. With an overload of objects, I hope to invite visitors into my world offering an experience detached of connotations. By sharing brightly, funny and absurd works I hope that they will narrate their own stories of habits and rituals. Like a hoarder I create and therefore collect my works, perhaps as a way to deal with my mortality. Showing as much as possible is for me an act of generosity and important in our current political landscape where so much exclusion is happening. Within my work I hope to create a safe space for happiness, excitement and energy. Outside my physical work, I am, as an artist, political and actively engaged in criticizing and rethinking our current systems. I try to find solutions in how we can have a more inclusive world for our future generations and ourselves. I’m also working on an artistic labour rights manifesto with my fellows. Even though political thoughts seep through my work, I am consciously active as a political artist more than what my work immediately reveals.

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Kubilay Mert Ural

Kubilay Mert Ural’s works open a window into the desires, frustrations, and needs of our contemporary moment. On an infinite and open-ended loop, they remind us of the on- going oscillations between chaos and the order. Sometimes they tell an incomplete story, and other times they feel like they just popped by… each one is a quest, an encounter, a playful invitation toward aspects of the uncomfortable, and a reminder of cheap melodies from imagined worlds.

Kubilay Mert Ural (Turkey 1986) graduated from the Rijksakademie in 2018; he had solo shows at PILOT Galeri is Istanbul and group shows in KIT Düsseldorf both 2018 and Apotheek in 2019. He curated the oneminutes in 2018 and participated in Lost&Found, Studio Omstand and Hyena in the same year.

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  • Weteringschans 69, 1017 RX Amsterdam
  • +31 6 15 890 292