Garden of Strange Fruits

In collaboration with

Alice Héron - Lana Prins - Anni.Höcker - Lena Winterink - Neža Kokol - Esther van der Heijden

A group show organised by Rosa Cherim and Ilya Lindhout. Including works by Alice Héron, Lana Prins, Anni.Höcker, Nêza Kokol, Lena Winterink and Esther van der Heijden.

This exhibition explores the relationship between nature, the female body and its environment in a playfully, unexpected and visually eye-catching way.

The visitor will find him / herself in a not so typical backyard in Amsterdam where they will come across weird, yet beautiful and strange fruits that visualise the female body, nature and its environment in new and unexpected ways.

Through photography, collage art and installation art, six female artists will show their strange fruits in Art Room MINA.

Come and take a walk with us through the garden of strange fruits.

Opening: March 1st from 8 PM – 10 PM
Weteringschans 69
1017 RX, Amsterdam

Garden of Strange Fruits will be on view until April 5th 2019

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  • Weteringschans 69, 1017 RX Amsterdam
  • +31 6 15 890 292