Paintbrush Tool (B)

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Youbin Kim

Is a South Korean designer, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is currently studying fashion & design at the AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute). Aside from fashion design she also works within the fields of graphic design, painting, photography, illustration & 3D mapping.

As a fashion designer, Youbin Kim breaks away from the conventional fashion representation.  Through digital 3D mapping with 4D graphic animation she tries to discover new ways to present fashion in the digital age.

Youbin participated in the Paintbrush Tool (B) exhibition with her work: DO I KNOW ME?

Screenshot 2018-11-19 at 12.33.58
Screenshot 2018-11-19 at 12.34.36
  • Weteringschans 69, 1017 RX Amsterdam
  • +31 6 15 890 292