Mina Website

In collaboration with

Niels Schopman

Together with web developer, Niels Schopman, we’ve built the MINA website.

Niels Schopman is a part time (novice) web developer that likes to learn web development skills during elective courses, self study and side projects. The MINA website was made with WordPress and allows us, the staff of MINA, to update and maintain it easily by ourselves. The pages was built with the popular page builder plugin Elementor. It gives us control over the pages and how it looks. with Elementor it allows us to quickly alter te pages to our taste.

The advantage that WordPress gives us compared to straight up coding an entire website, is that it saves you a lot of time. This way, nice websites, such as MINA’s website, are more affordable for startup businesses and don’t take up too much.

Niels Schopman is also literate in the coding/markup languages HTML, CSS and Javascript

If you are ever in need of a website, please don’t hesitate to contact Niels via nielsschopman@gmail.com

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  • +31 6 15 890 292
  • info@artroommina.nl