The Night Watch 007 - Teal

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Meetsysteem is a new Dutch act that unites Eefje de Visser‘ nether pop and Doe Maar’ funky lyrics in combination with 80’s synth pop and more experimental electronica.

Meetsysteem is a project by the 27-year-old Ricky Cherim, born and raised in Amsterdam. His debut single ‘Teal’ was launched last Friday April 5th on a sublabel of Nous’Klaer together with a beautifully shot music video made in collaboration with the talented photographer Nolwennn le Flanchec. We are so excited about this new single and this video clip that we wanted to share it with the rest of Amsterdam on our Night Watch.

‘Teal’ is a song about a drive on the A2 during the night. In this aesthetically shot music video, nature and pollution come together in a beautiful and aesthetic way. While watching this clip you loose your thoughts while looking at the levitating lights passing by as you listen to the poetic lyrics of Meetsysteem.

On April 20th Meetsysteem will play live at Motel Mozaïque Festival in Rotterdam. On May 13th his debut album Geen Signaal (No Signal) will appear on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal or you can pick up an original vinyl in Rotterdam based vinyl shop Clone Record Story

Instagram: @riksakameetsysteem

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  • Weteringschans 69, 1017 RX Amsterdam
  • +31 6 15 890 292