Garden of Strange Fruits

In collaboration with

Lena Winterink

Lena Winterink (1994) focusses on the perception of everyday life and its identical aspects. By playing with context she finds her fascinations and approaches to translate a story.

The focus of her work lays in the translation to a material, most often related to textile. At the same time video and photography are a continuously recurring media.

Unidentified Back Pain (Photography):
Back pain is one of the most common fysical limitations women have to cope with on a daily bases. Where it comes from, what is does to a woman, where the pain lies is for every woman different and always hard to identify, yet this constant pain defines the identity of the individual.

For the group exhibition, Garden of Strange Fruits, Lene presents a photographic series. This photographic series is a personal approach on how Lena’s back problem influences her identity by limiting physical abilities. A series of accessories that translates the feeling of what it feels like not being able to move and act freely as a young individual in a fast moving environment.

The objects can only be worn in certain positions. Positions that force you to stand or sit in ways that are uncomfortable and most of all, painful and tiring for the body and mind.

Instagram: @lenawinterink

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