Garden of Strange Fruits

In collaboration with

Lana Prins

Growing up in a small town near the sea, Lana Prins spent her childhood daydreaming, romanticising
the world around her. From a young age she started creating dreamlike, alternate realities. Lana, now a Rotterdam based photographer, uses her camera to get closer to others – both literally and figuratively. Her photography is close to the skin and shows an intimate view into her life and that of the people around her. With her camera as a tool she aims to interrogate and resolve the situations that occur in her daily life. Within her work you can find both cinematically staged photos and meticulously framed snapshots of everyday life. The viewer is taken into a story that can still take many different directions. Through her photos Lana tells us stories in which the dividing line between reality and fantasy fades. By not giving everything away immediately, she challenges viewers to let their imagination run wild and shape the course of the story themselves.

For MINA’s exhibition Lana presents a selection of her work where the viewer is free to interpret her, perhaps somewhat strange, yet eye-catching and intriguing series of photos in their own weird way in the garden of strange fruits.

Instagram: @lana.prins

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  • Weteringschans 69, 1017 RX Amsterdam
  • +31 6 15 890 292