The Night Watch 005 - Outside the Box

In collaboration with

Daan van de Geest

Daan van de Geest is a young film maker currently studying audio visual design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. With his work Daan wants to new worlds, and tell untold stories inside these worlds.
For MINA’s Night Watch, Daan presented his film ‘Outside the Box’. A film he created to teach himself a lesson. “Personally i have a bad habit of judging other people, it has become an automatic system that works instantly when i’m meeting new people or if i’m just walking on the street. This film is a reflection on my self, and maybe also the audience, you be the judge.” The abstract world he tries to create is made out of different elements, that all follow a set of rules. He observes and makes connections, to eventually find out that he (and all of us) were wrong all along.
Think outside the box.
Instagram: @daanvandegeest
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