Garden of Strange Fruits

In collaboration with

Alice Héron

The focus of Alice’s work lays in elements of growth and how it relates to the body. Being immersed in the Netherlands where the land and water are carefully controlled she finds herself looking at nature from a distance: as a result she creates speculative scenarios based on imaginary flora and fauna and grows her own Strange Fruits.

In MINA’s garden of strange fruits she will present a selection of her work.

Bio – Mutation (Green Installation):
An invasive spatial installation that hangs from the ceiling, digs out of the ground and climbs over and through buildings. In this installation Alice visualizes the somewhat strange and peculiar relationship a city has with its nature and how over time these urban natures transform into a strange fruit.

Forever Green (Photography):
A photographic series where Alice playfully uses organic manicure/pedicure add-ons together with elements of still life. In this photographic series Alice reflects on a generation where young women of her generation use artificial body modifications. What will happen when nature and artificial body modifications will evolve in something new?

Ersatz Jungle (Video):
This performative video and installation is a post apocalyptic poem. In this video Alice places the human body at the center of ecological changes that happen in her city. She raises concerns on how this will affect our nature and how her body will react to these changes.

Instagram: @alice.marie.jeanne

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